Service Category

Paid Online Advertising

Anyone who has an online store must advertise to make their brand show in front of others. We provide social media promotion​ and search engine promotion (Google Ads) one-stop solution. Wilkinson team will design the most suitable advertising plan for your business, so that you can focus more on developing your business.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Service

Digital marketing in Hong Kong is highly competitive, so SEO has become one of the most cost-effective ways to promote. Getting more free traffic on your search engine pages means more leads for your business.

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Celebrity, KOL Promotion Services

Collaborating with celebrities and KOLs for brand promotion can effectively enhance brand awareness and credibility, which is suitable for both new and established brands. Wilkinson provides a strong network of Hong Kong celebrities and KOLs, and would create the most suitable plan for your brand.

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Product Photography

Got high-quality products to sell, but look like street goods in photos? Why not leave the shooting job to Wilkinson's professional photography team? Wilkinson's professional photography team can find out the best angles and light sources, coupled with post-production, use photos to bring out the value of products and improve the conversion rate.

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Promotional Video Shooting

Video marketing has always been the most viral form of media. Short videos have become the hottest trend in digital marketing, because videos can capture the audience's attention more than pictures or text, and the audience usually stays on your ad for a relatively longer time.

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Offline/ Outdoor Advertising

Have enough advertising resources and want to further enhance your brand awareness? Physical advertising is also a good option to scale up the brand. We provide professional design and media buying services for bus, bus shelter, minibus, taxi, tram advertisements.