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Plumcot is a French bakery in Hong Kong, established in 2017. There are only two chefs in the store, product updates are frequent, so they think it is really difficult to cope with online store operation. However, as the store development is on track, and the products have begun to appear in holiday-limited styles, they simply cannot handle as there are way too many orders.

Originally, Plumcot's website was created using SquareSpace, but of course, the SquareSpace type of platform is far less capable of handling e-commerce than Shopify. So they decided to migrate the content and basic design style on the SquareSpace website to Shopify, and then build an automatic ordering system.

The two chefs and their assistants who are not familiar with computers agree that the back-end interface of the Shopify online store is convenient and easy to use. It only takes simple steps to process orders and manage products without spending time learning back-end management.

Since Plumcot's products are food products, they are all hand-made, so it takes at least two days after the order is placed before customers can pick up the products in the store. We deliberately added a customized date/time selector function to Plumcot, and customized the shopping cart page for them, so that customers can choose when to pick up their ordered products in the store, and understand why they need to wait for two Talents can pick up products, so customers can feel at ease, and the Plumcot team has greatly reduced the workload of customer service.