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Shopify VS GoDaddy - Should you choose an e-commerce giant or an all-in-one platform for your online store?

Shopify and GoDaddy are the two most used and popular online store building platforms. Both are easy to operate and are very suitable for everyone to build an easy-to-use website. Shopify is the world's most popular e-commerce store building tool, and Shopify is best known for its superbly designed online store management tools. On the other hand, GoDaddy is suitable for comprehensive website design. In this article, we will carefully analyze all aspects of these two platforms, so that you can better understand how to choose the right online store platform for you.


User interface and settings

There are many tools to choose from in the Shopify backend, and the theme editor in the backend is designed for beginners to make it easy for everyone to modify the template. If you want more design flexibility, or have a specific project/design that you want to modify yourself and the template does not provide the modifiable option, then you can also modify it by editing the theme code, but it requires a higher level of coding knowledge.

As for GoDaddy , all GoDaddy sites are subject to a template theme. Unlike Shopify, GoDaddy doesn't provide code access, which means you can't fine-tune any features or design (even if you have the money to hire a coding engineer).



Shopify has three-month fee plans ranging from $29 to $299 per month. Even the basic Shopify plan ($29 per month) actually includes the necessary features to set up an online store, so it doesn't cost a lot of money. You can test whether the platform works to your liking with a 14-day free trial before subscribing, and if you pay annually, you can get a 10% discount on the annual fee.

GoDaddy is less expensive, ranging from $6.99 to $14.99 per month for annual subscriptions, or $9.99 to $24.99 per month for monthly subscriptions. But beware—only the more expensive plans include e-commerce, marketing, and online booking tools that you need to start an online store.


template design/template selection

GoDaddy only provides 22 different design templates, and you cannot make any custom designs by modifying the code. That's not necessarily a bad thing, though - it means there's less room for you to "break".

Shopify is different, it has a huge template library with up to 84 professional designs for ecommerce/webshop. But only 13 of them are free. The remaining 71 models require payment to purchase.

In addition, in Shopify, you can develop your own themes and modify the code yourself. Of course, the more elastic, the more places you can break, which is relative. If you want to modify the design, but don't want to break the website, we recommend that you seek professional assistance.



Both Shopify and GoDaddy offer e-commerce functionality, and that's how they are similar.

Shopify is known as one of the best online store builders in the world. It offers an industry-leading range of tools and features, and it does everything with the needs of the e-commerce industry in mind. For example, Shopify has an excellent product and order management system, as well as detailed analytics and sales reports. In addition to this, Shopify has a lot of advanced tools that you can take advantage of, such as selling gift certificates, discounts, and automating abandoned cart emails, to name a few.

GoDaddy, on the other hand, only provides very basic selling tools. Still, it offers everything you need for a basic store and is a viable option if you only want to sell a small number of products and orders.


Which website builder is best for me?

Shopify and GoDaddy are both among the best website builders out there, but they are essentially very different platforms.

Shopify is an excellent online store system platform with powerful e-commerce and reporting features, many templates to choose from, different kinds of features to add, and a wealth of built-in marketing tools. However, its price is relatively high.

GoDaddy, on the other hand, is more suitable for basic website owners. It lacks the advanced e-commerce tools, design, and analytics that Shopify has, but it still provides enough functionality for small businesses and personal websites. Best of all, GoDaddy is less expensive than Shopify.

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