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Brand X Concept

Brand X Concept is a Hong Kong based Korean fashion online store. Since 2016, they have been operating an online store and achieved good business results. However, due to the lack of functions of the old online store platform, Wilkinson Tech Solutions was hired for online store migration service. There are records of more than one thousand products, tens of thousands of orders and customer data. All of them were safely transferred to Shopify, and a series of site feature and design optimizations were carried out.

Since Shopify does not support the migration of multilingual product data so far, Wilkinson Tech Solutions team wrote an API for Brand X Concept to migrate their multilingual product data (Chinese and English) from their old platform to Brand X Concept's new Shopify online store.

In addition, Wilkinson Tech Solutions also provides teaching and consulting services on how to apply Shopify POS to physical stores, including barcode printing, printer settings for printing Shopify POS receipts, and so on.