Selected Client Cases

VY Beauty Store | 香港開網店|開Shopify網店服務|網店資料遷移至Shopify服務

In the beginning, VY Beauty Store used Magento as its online store system, with monthly sales ran...

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VY Beauty Store

Brand X Concept  | 香港開網店|開Shopify網店服務|網店資料遷移至Shopify服務

Brand X Concept is a Hong Kong based Korean fashion online store. Since 2016, they have been oper...

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Brand X Concept

Raze 口罩、光觸媒消毒用品專門店  | 香港Shopify網店服務|網店資料遷移

Raze 是一家在香港及國內均具有名氣的口罩、光觸媒消毒用品專門店。為了配合Raze 在香港中環的全新專賣店開張,Raze 跟 Wilkinson 開始合作,於極短時間內完成全面客製化的頁面設計...

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Raze 口罩、光觸媒消毒用品專門店

Still House|  | 香港開網店|開Shopify網店服務|網店資料遷移至Shopify服務

Still House is a Hong Kong local fashion brand that focuses on comfort, uniqueness, and functiona...

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Still House

CoffeeSweat  | 香港Shopify網店服務|網店資料遷移

CoffeeSweat is the own clothing brand launched by YouTuber Coffee Lam, which relies on online sto...

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枠(木九十)Mujosh  | 香港Shopify網店服務|網店資料遷移


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White on  | 香港開網店|開Shopify網店服務|網店資料遷移至Shopify服務

White On is a famous Hong Kong local crystal jewelry designer brand. When it was only 3 weeks bef...

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White on

KPNY 高級皮革用品專門店  | 香港開網店|開Shopify網店服務|網店資料遷移至Shopify服務

In order to expand the business of the online store, KPNY entrusted the old online store to the p...

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KPNY Premium Leather Goods Online Store

匯駿電腦  | 香港開網店|開Shopify網店服務|網店資料遷移至Shopify服務

In addition to displaying computer accessories to customers and having perfect purchasing functio...

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Wui Chun Computer

Mr Simms Olde Sweet Shoppe  | 香港開網店|開Shopify網店服務|網店資料遷移至Shopify服務

In order to expand the exposure channels and further enhance the brand image, Mr Simms Olde Sweet...

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Mr Simms Olde Sweet Shoppe