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VY Beauty Store

In the beginning, VY Beauty Store used Magento as its online store system, with monthly sales ranging from more than one million to more than three million. After some time, they found that the expenditure on server upgrade and security was too large, so they decided to migrate the entire online store from Magento to Shopify.

In addition to data migration/ data transfer, Wilkinson Tech Solutions is also responsible for the establishment of the membership points system, the optimization of the multilingual storefront and the express tracking page to improve the overall user experience. In addition, Wilkinson Tech Solutions has also reached a connection to the Conversion API, which can make data tracking more accurate and advertising more efficient.

The person in charge of VY Beauty Store expressed his satisfaction with the services provided by Wilkinson Tech Solutions. Now, apart from saving at least more than 30,000 yuan in server rent each month, they will no longer have the trouble of being unable to receive new orders due to the soaring traffic of people and as a result the server is overloaded. In addition, the employees also said that the back-end interface is more concise and easy to understand, which directly reduces the chance of errors when processing orders.


"We are very grateful for the service provided by Wilkinson Tech Solution, which enabled our company's online store to be seamlessly integrated from Magento to the Shopify platform in a short time. After switching to Shopify, our company saved the system maintenance fee. And server rent (approximately HK$500,000 per year) for advertising and sales purposes, which brought me more business opportunities. In addition to money, using Shopify and the help of Wilkinson Tech Solutions saved me a lot of understanding and The precious time dealing with IT issues allows me to have more time to take care of my children."

-Ms. Vivien Yeo, founder of VY Beauty Store