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Our Team

Our team is composed of senior IT professionals and young recruits, each with different expertise in different fields, and we hope to bring new e-commerce experiences to different SMEs.

The high rents of physical stores, the rapid development of technology, and the complicated online store platform selection discourage the entrepreneur to start a business or who would like to switch to an online business. This led to the birth of Wilkinson Tech Solutions. Wilkinson Tech Solutions is committed to providing an easy-to-use business platform for everyone who faces the same troubles. Whether it is a low-cost online shop, an online drop-shipping store, or a service reservation platform, we would like to provide a professional service to you. Our goal is to help entrepreneurs develop business or transformation in a rapid, convenient, simple, cheap, and flexible way, without being deterred by the lack of technological knowledge or funds.

Rae Wong

E-Commerce Consultant

Sean Cheng

E-Commerce Consultant

Emily Leung


Michael Sin


Marco Cheung


Chris Chau


Lok Law


Ariel Leung


Angel Chan

Admin Assistant


More than 5 years of online shop + advertising related experience


Handled more than 100 cases, of all sizes


The most successful client with revenue of over 100 million Hong Kong dollars

Some customers of Wilkinson Group Limited