Something about Wilkinson Team

What's the story of Wilkinson?

Wilkinson's team is composed of senior IT professionals and young newcomers, each with different expertise in different fields, hoping to bring new e-commerce experience to different companies.

Brick-and-mortar stores have high rents, technology is changing rapidly, online store platforms, advertising placement... The choices are intricate, making people who want to start a business and bosses who want to switch to online business discouraged. This led to the creation of Wilkinson Tech Solutions.

Wilkinson Tech Solutions is committed to providing an easy-to-use business platform for everyone who faces the same troubles, whether it is online store design, website design, online store migration, or advertising, We can provide services such as SEO, hoping to make e-commerce faster, more convenient, simpler, cheaper and more flexible. It is no longer a matter of investing millions to enter the market.

Testimonials from our Clients

Vivien Yeo, Founder of VY Beauty Store and VY Academy

Reasonable pricing, Good communication skills

Wilkinson's services are reasonably priced and their team have good communication skills. Before signing a contract, they will explain in detail what is included in the contract, and there are no hidden charges. In the past few years, all of my brand websites have been created, maintained and handled by them. I don't need to worry about any technical problems, I can focus more on the overall business development, and save myself the expense of hiring IT personnel and the time of managing employees.

Eddie, Head of Marketing, Yusaika

Efficient and honest

As a relatively new health product brand, it is very important to have an easy-to-use online shopping store. An old colleague of mine introduced me to use Wilkinson's online store construction service. After comparing the prices with several companies of the same type, their prices are relatively low but reasonable, and their quoted items are the most clearly written, so I chose their services.

Now that the brand is on track, we are also very satisfied with Wilkinson's online store construction service and follow-up. Their work is efficient, and at the same time, they will give us suggestions for online store functions and design modifications that are actually helpful to our business.

Lydia, Brand Head of Dermisi and Opureo

Our Long-term Partner

We have been working with Wilkinson for two or three years and are very pleased with the efficiency and quality of their team. We have our own team to operate in mainland China, and all the online store construction, maintenance, blog article writing, customer service, and brand promotion in Hong Kong are handled by the Wilkinson team.

Whenever we have questions, they are happy to give us advice and address our questions quickly and accurately. We believe that Wilkinson will also be our long-term partner in the future.