Hong Kong Shopify Partner

Our team is composed of senior IT professionals and young talents, each with different expertise in different fields, hoping to bring new e-commerce experience to different SMEs.

Wilkinson Tech Solutions is a Shopify Partner, committed to providing an easy-to-use business platform, hoping to make starting a business and business transition faster, more convenient, simpler, cheaper, and more flexible, without the need for technical knowledge or Funds are deterred. We also have many clients who have successfully applied for different government grants.

How can government funding help you?

Exploring new Markets

The target market is set in a place with only more than 7 million people and brick-and-mortar stores everywhere. In addition, Asian culture likes to fight price wars. The competition is so great that it is difficult to succeed! Why not use government funding to expand the market to areas with higher GDP overseas?

Promotion to Current Market

Most SMEs have very limited funds, so they often find that after completing a fully functional online store, the remaining funds are actually not enough to do marketing work. With government funding, there is no need to worry about insufficient resources.

Plan Ahead

The most important thing in business is cash flow. Once the cash flow is broken, it is very easy to cause the business to fail. Rather than relying on borrowing, it is better to actually use government subsidies that do not need to be repaid to reduce the actual expenses of the business and ensure cash flow.

What kind of subsidy does the Hong Kong government give to SMEs?

SME Export Marketing Fund (EMF)

It is mainly for businesses who intend to expand their overseas business. There is no limit to the number of times a business can apply for funding.

However, the cumulative funding amount for each business is capped at 800,000 yuan, while the establishment of Or optimize the event funding limit for a company website/mobile app owned by the applicant business to 50% of the cumulative funding limit for each business .


- valid Hong Kong business Registration

- with substantial continuing business

- meeting the definition of SME, i.e. service industry with less than 50 employees or manufacturing with less than 100 employees

Technology Voucher (TVP) Scheme

The Technology Voucher was launched in November 2016 to support local enterprises/institutions to use technology services and solutions to increase productivity or upgrade and transform business processes.

The cumulative funding limit for each enterprise/institution: HK$600,000. Up to 6 projects may be approved per business/institution.

1.1) Under the Business Registration Ordinance (Cap. 310) registered in Hong Kong;
or 1.2) a company incorporated in Hong Kong under the Companies Ordinance (Cap. 622);
or 1.3) a statutory body established in Hong Kong under the relevant Ordinance;
2) It is not a subsidiary of a Hong Kong government-funded organization* or any Hong Kong government-funded organization*; and
3) At the time of submitting the application, it has substantial business operations in Hong Kong, and the business must be related to the application project.

BUD Funding

The BUD Special Fund subsidizes individual Hong Kong enterprises to implement projects related to brand development, upgrading and transformation and expansion of domestic sales, so as to enhance their competitiveness in the mainland market, and subsidizes individual Hong Kong enterprises to implement projects related to brand development, upgrading and transformation, and promoting sales to freedom trade agreement economies, thereby enhancing their competitiveness in the ASEAN market and promoting their business development in the ASEAN market.

Funding model and upper limit

Funded in the form of matching funds, total application amount Funded for HK$6 million.

Based on our experience, the threshold for applying for this fund is relatively high, and the government approval process is quite rigorous. For more details, please contact us for details.