Migrate your online store to Shopify

Worrying about how to move Shopline, OpenCart, Magento, Woo Commerce, PrestaShop data to Shopify?

Want to change the online store platform to Shopify because of various problems such as servers, maintenance costs, lack of scalability, lack of functionality, and frequent platform price increases?

Too many products, orders, customer profiles and don't know how to migrate to Shopify?

Want to preserve the SEO performance of your old website?

If you try it yourself, why not let the professional team at Wilkinson Tech Solutions handle it for you?

Verified Shopify Partner

Wilkinson is a certified Shopify Partner with many years of experience in developing the Shopify platform. It is your confident choice for migrating platform data. The team has many years of experience in developing different online store platforms, understands the best way to migrate online store platforms, clearly understands the entire process, and understands the limitations of each platform migration.

Wilkinson Tech Solutions team can not only provide you with data migration services, but also have many years of e-commerce experience, and can give you professional and diversified consultation and advice.

100% Money-back guarantee

Data Migration Project Scope

◉ Order information (including order number, date, order content)

◉ Product information (including product name, price, pictures, etc.)

◉ Customer information (including customer Name, phone number, address, order records, etc.)

◉ Product translation data

◉ Blog articles and graphic video content (Blog)

◉ 301 SEO Redirects

Your online store has multiple languages but Shopify only has a single language option? We can do "Mission Impossible" for you - Multilingual data migration for you through a customized Shopify API.

If the data migration fails to complete the project due to the Wilkinson team, the Wilkinson team guarantees a 100% unconditional refund .