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Who says Shopify is only suitable for foreign store? It's definitely Good for HK market!

Many people in the market believe that Shopify's interface and related packages are only connected to foreign systems, so they will encounter different problems when using them in Hong Kong, so they give up choosing Shopify. This idea is very wrong.

Three tips for your your online store!

The market is filled with a large number of different types of online stores. How to make your online store stand out? We have to refer to the following three points!

Five common mistakes in the early stages of opening an online store

When many people start to open an online store, they will choose a platform at random, planning to start first, and then choose slowly. There are also many people who plan to do free marketing, and there are also many people who follow the trend and sell what is popular...

Is it really as simple as "opening a shop at $0" to open an IG Shop?

Because opening an Instagram account is free of charge, many people choose to open an IG Shop on Instagram as the first step in starting a business. In fact, will there be any problems opening a store on IG? What are the hidden costs? Today, let us briefly analyze the...

Is it better to be a full-time online store? Or part-time?

In fact, opening an online store has a big advantage over opening a physical store—you can choose to do online store business full-time or part-time. There is no other way in a physical store. Someone must look after the store and it will be more difficult. It is difficult to...

Online Store Customer Service Words 101 - Tips to convert purchase desires into orders

Entrepreneurship is difficult-it is more hard to start a small brand than a big one. Therefore, as a customer service, you have to understand the product better than the buyer. You must learn to understand the characteristics of the products you sell and how to deal with customers. Language is...

Reasons not to use HKTV Mall as the starting point for entrepreneurship

Many customers have asked us: Instead of starting an online store by myself, why don't I put my products on HKTV Mall for sale? As the largest 24-hour online shopping platform in Hong Kong, it is assumed that the website has a lot of traffic. However, as a novice online...

Shopify VS WooCommerce - Which's BETTER?

Shopify and WooCommerce are both popular and easy to operate online store platforms in the market. Both platforms have many advantages, but should you choose Shopify? Or WooCommerce? In fact, both can help you build a complete online store, but their characteristics are different, so which platform to choose varies...