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Popular e-store generated HK$1M+ per month

Successful Case—VY Beauty Store

「We are so grateful for the excellent service provided by Wilkinson Tech Solution. My online shop has migrated from Megento to Shopify seamlessly in a very short period. By using Shopify, the maintenance and server rental fee (around HK$500,00/ year) have been saved for advertising and marketing strategy, bringing us more and more profit. Using Shopify with the help of Wilkinson Tech Solutions saves me a lot of precious time to handle with the IT and technician problems, so that I can have more time to take care of my children 」

- 楊秀惠小姐,VY Beauty Store創辦人

Open an online store with low cost and high efficiency, the first step is right

Wilkinson Tech Solutions is a certified Shopify Partner, providing professional, reliable, and low-cost self-owned online store and online checkered shop construction services. You only need to have a mobile phone or a computer, without any knowledge of IT programming, that is, you can easily manage products, orders, and appointments.

Our senior e-commerce engineer can carefully build the Shopify online store/online checkered shop platform for you, which is affordable but powerful, and can be started quickly (less than a month). There is no additional design cost, that is, you can enjoy the cross-platform e-commerce system, regardless of whether the guest is using a mobile phone, computer, or tablet, all of them can be accessed in one go.

Service Area

Diversified Online Store Development Plan

We provide professional and high-quality online shop development services as well as online drop-shipping store. We can provide you with suitable support even for entrepreneurs who have not even chosen their own products. We have completed more than 100 start-up online store cases in different industries in the past 5 years. No matter that you are a start up business that starts from zero or a SME that has your own product, we can help.

​0% Complex computer operations

Is it difficult to open an online store? Lack of Computer Skills? Don't be afraid,Shopify is a business interface that even my pet can manipulate. It is just simple and intuitive. In just 5 minutes learning, you are able to got the skills to manage products, orders, update images.

100% money and time are spent on making profit

No need to spend money and consume time for server stability and software security updates, all are included in the monthly fee. Use money and time to make money!

500% sales growth, early achievement of financial freedom

Connecting with the most popular Facebook/Instagram and Google tools, online shop makes good use of online advertising, and maximize advertising efficiency. A customer of us achieve a goal to change from 10K business to 100K within a month under our help, what an amazing profit increase of up to 500%.



  • How long will it take for a project?

    Wilkinson Tech Solutions understands that time is an inevitable factor of business deveoplement . Once the information (pictures, product information, product price, bank account information) is complete, the platform dedicated to you will be able to start within a month (or less).

  • Any hidden charge?

    Wilkinson Tech Solutions' plans are designed for entrepreneurs and SMEs. All items are transparent and open, and there are no hidden charge. If customer need functions not listed in the charging plan, please feel free to contact us. We can explain and make additional quotations for you.

  • Any Follow-up charge?

    Yes. The cost depends on the monthly plan you choose and the web plug-in function you uses. The minimum basic monthly fee is about HK$250, and you will pay this fee directly to Shopify. After the project is completed, we will notclaim extra charge from you.

The First Step to Success - Start to Build Your Own Online Store