We refuse to provide services with hundreds of monthly fees and no low min ad spend

Achieving your goals requires experts familiar with social platforms. Wilkinson has more than 7 years of experience in making online stores, and has been in contact with customers in all industries. We can bring you insights and experience in different industries, so as to make a more successful advertising plan for you.

Team Wilkinson understands that many companies lack resources, but without a certain level of cost input, to be very honest, it is impossible to create an effective digital marketing plan. Some agencies have a "no minimum spend" claim, and then tout it at a very low fee. Our team believes that - good content and good advertising must have resources (time + money + industry knowledge) investment. If an advertising plan costs only a few hundred a month, how many clients must these companies acquire to repay all the expenses? How much time can be allocated to your company in the end?

The median salary in Hong Kong in 2021 is $19,000, just as the company only has a colleague with a salary of $19,000 a month to follow up on your project (no extra cost). Do the math with the quotes and you'll know how much time these companies can allocate to you each month. This is a simple math problem. Operating any company requires a certain cost. Although the company that advertises does not need to purchase goods, it actually has certain expenses - employee benefits, training expenses, reasonable salary levels... Without these, how can employees have the mood and ability to bring you high quality solution?

Team Wilkinson insisted that the low price should not be used as a solicitation, and also stipulated a minimum advertising fee. We hope to help each client bring better advertising results in a shorter period of time at a reasonable cost, instead of signing a contract with you for a year and a half, and then delaying your time with me. We believe that online advertising is a service that relies on word of mouth, and it can go a long way by relying on old customers to bring new customers. Useless service or false promises don't get us reputation and new clients. Therefore, we insist on using effective methods to advertise, and the items included in the service contract will also be listed clearly.

Project Flow

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Collect information and requirements

First of all, our specialists will collect all the information needed for advertising with you. Then our e-commerce consultant team will make an analysis, combined with the e-commerce experience of our other customers, to provide you with professional advice on advertising.

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Social media platform usage strategy analysis

The more advertising dollars our clients can pay, the happier we are of course. However, we will never arbitrarily recommend customers to use inappropriate promotion platforms in order to draw higher fees. We will use our years of experience with online stores in different industries to bring you the most personal advice.

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Market research and analysis

Team Wilkinson's online marketing experts will research your target market in detail and analyze your competitors in depth. In addition, our online marketing experts will analyze your website in different ways to identify factors that affect the final conversion rate and make recommendations.

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Creative Content Development

A good ad needs a good combination of text, video and images. Our designers and copywriters will create effective creative portfolios for your brand that will captivate your audience.

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Conversion Rate Focused

Not only the click-through rate of ads, but also the conversion rate of our customers. We hope to bring more business to each customer and improve the return on investment (ROI) of online advertising. Therefore, a detailed and objective advertising report every month will help your business to a higher level.

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Ad delivery optimization

We'll help you adjust your advertising strategy based on data to ensure that every dollar you spend on advertising is well spent.

Online Paid Advertising Service Scope

◉ Full account management

◉ Creative content development (brand identity design, copywriting, creative writing)

◉ Creative visual image development (static/moving image design , film shooting, film editing, etc.)

◉ Monthly Content Calendar

◉ Monthly Page Insights Report

◉ Content Monitoring and Crisis Management (working days Account management and fan interaction)

In addition to the items listed above, we also provide comprehensive digital marketing + operation services, physical advertising services, SEO optimization services, online store development For service and government funding inquiries, please call / email us for inquiries.