Company Incorporation Service

According to Article 5 of the Business Registration Ordinance, Chapter 310 of the Laws of Hong Kong, anyone who starts a business must apply to the Commissioner of Inland Revenue to register the relevant business, and the business registration application must be submitted within one month of the start of business operation. Section 2(1) of Chapter 310 stipulates that "business" is defined as "any form of business, commerce, craft, profession, occupation or other activities engaged in for profit, and also refers to a club." Because the online shop is for profit (making money), it is necessary to apply for a business registration certificate. There are rumors that if the monthly turnover is less than HK$10,000, business registration is not required. In fact, it is only business registration fee that can be exempted, not business registration exemption. Even if you meet the following qualifications, you need to register for business first, and then apply to the Inland Revenue Department for exemption from the annual business registration fee.

Start a business hassle-free, Wilkinson will do it for you

Unlike other companies, online shop owners do not have their own legal team and colleagues to avoid legal risks. Generally, one person plays the roles of boss, audit, marketing, and secretary. There are many "legal traps".

No need to worry! Wilkinson team is committed to providing you with the necessary assistance in starting a business. In addition to online shop and website construction, we can also provide you with company registration services, one-stop processing of the documents required for starting a company: company name search, certified copy of shareholders and directors, electronic company registration certificate, electronic version Business registration certificate, etc., to help you quickly start your business.

We also provide different services, such as company secretary, company bank account opening and virtual address, mailbox service, etc., to ensure that it meets your every need.

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Limited Company Registration

We provide one-stop service for the registration of limited companies, processing of all required documents related: company name search, certified copy of shareholders and directors, electronic company registration certificate, electronic business registration certificate, to help you quickly start your business.

Unlimited Company Registration

We provide unlimited company establishment services, such as applying for a business registration certificate (BR) and company seals. The accounts of an unlimited company do not need to be audited by an accountant and an audit report is submitted. The taxation is relatively simple, and the tax rate is relatively low.

Company Secretary

Many customers confuse company secretaries with ordinary secretaries. In fact, company secretary is a statutory position, mainly responsible for handling statutory documents between the company and the government, such as changes in directors, changes in company names, etc. Many customers were fined for failing to submit a declaration form. Our secretarial services can save you costs and reduce risks.

Virtual Office

According to the "Companies Ordinance", all companies must display their names inside or outside their office and business premises. However, many online stores may not have a physical business address, so we launched a virtual office service. In addition to providing addresses, our plan also provides free mail forwarding services.

Trademark Registration

Every year, many companies face cases of trademark theft. In order to protect the company from being misappropriated, many companies will register their trademarks to ensure that the company has the sole right to use the trademark.

Company bank account

Hong Kong companies are legally required to have bank accounts. Our experienced team will guide you on how to open an account. Based on the nature of your business, you will be referred to a different bank for processing, and the success rate of account opening will be greatly improved.

What should I pay attention to when starting a company?

Before starting a company, you have to decide to set up a local limited company, a local unlimited company or an offshore company

A limited company and an unlimited company differ in their legal status, debt obligations and annual tax arrangements. A limited company can own assets and sign contracts. It is a legal person organization and has an independent legal status. An unlimited company can only jointly own assets and sign contracts in the name of the proprietor or the name of the partner. And they have no legal status. Based on the above characteristics, a limited company will be more convenient when discussing cooperation with a general large-scale organization.

Set up an offshore company

An offshore company refers to the establishment of a specific offshore jurisdiction (such as BVI, Samoa, Seychelles, etc.), and at the same time enjoys special policies stipulated by law in terms of registration, supervision, information disclosure, taxation, management and international obligations. Such overseas companies basically do not levy any taxes and only charge annual license fees. At the same time, all international banks recognize such companies, and provide bank account opening and financial operation services, and offshore companies’ shareholder information, shareholding ratios, income status, etc. all enjoy a high degree of confidentiality. Some offshore companies can also be listed in other countries or regions.

Companies in any country or region must obtain a business registration certificate and file tax returns if they conduct business in Hong Kong. According to Part 11 of the Hong Kong Company Law, the company must be registered as an offshore company registered in Hong Kong.

Understand what documents need to be annually submitted to the government

The specific tasks of the annual review of Hong Kong companies include replacement of business registration certificates and submission of annual returns. In Hong Kong, the validity period of the business registration certificate is only one year, so it needs to be replaced regularly after the company's founding anniversary. In addition, the Hong Kong Companies Registry requires the company to submit an annual declaration document after the company's founding anniversary, stating the company's relevant status in the previous year. Including the number of shareholders of the company, the names of shareholders, the proportion of shareholders’ shares, operating conditions, etc.

Many people will misunderstand that there is no need to submit relevant documents if there is no change of directors or company name. This is a big mistake. The Hong Kong government requires Hong Kong companies to replace their business registration certificates and submit annual returns on the anniversary of their establishment. Any extension will lead to unnecessary fines and credit risks for the company.

Think about the company name in advance

If you want to open a limited company, the last word of your company's English name must be "Limited", and the last four words of your Chinese name must be "有限公司".

If the name is not approved by the registry, they will not refund any of the fee. One thing to note is that it is not just a search and no one is using the same company name. If the company name is too similar to other companies, your application may be rejected, or you may receive a letter from a lawyer from another company after the establishment of the company, asking you to change the company name.