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White on

White on is a well-known local crystal jewelry designer brand in Hong Kong. When it was only 3 weeks before the expiration of the Shopline platform, we, Wilkinson Tech Solutions, received a call for help from the person in charge of the White on online store, saying that we wanted to store all order data, customer data and product-related information in the Shopline background within 3 weeks. Data migrated to Shopify.

I learned from the conversation that White On's business is gradually on track, so they want more freedom and flexibility in the brand design, membership functions, products, etc. of the online store, so they want to switch to Shopify , but due to technical problems, they were unable to migrate all the data, so the online store migration has been in a stalemate until they need to pay the annual fee for the next year, they feel that there is no need to pay for a platform with insufficient functions Pay such a high annual fee, so decided to ask us for help.

In fact, our colleagues at Wilkinson Tech Solutions receive some inquiries about data migration every week, and we continue to do data migration work on different platforms, but the one who needs to complete all the migration work within 3 weeks is really first. If we count the time for testing and data checking, and at the same time reserve time for White on to confirm that the entire migration is ok, then we only have two weeks left, which is 10 working days! There is basically no room for adjustment in this time period, because there is no possibility for Shopline to approve them to extend the platform's use period because they want to migrate data.

We know that the person in charge of the White on online store is very anxious, because if the data migration cannot be completed perfectly, they will have to pay another high annual fee to Shopline for a whole year, but customer information, order information, products, member points records , customer gender, crystal wearing habits, etc., the total amount of data is tens of thousands, it is impossible to migrate manually, even if you do it all the time, it is impossible to get it. So our colleagues at Wilkinson Tech Solutions agreed to help White on without a word, and work together to accomplish this seemingly impossible task.


Data Migration Scope

—Customer Profile

—Order Basic Information

—Advanced Data Migration: Member Points Data

— Advanced Data Migration: Member's Crystal Wearing Habits

— Advanced Data Migration: Member Gender


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