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CoffeeSweat is the clothing brand launched by YouTuber Coffee Lam which relies on online store platform as their sole distribution channel.

Coffee is very popular in YouTube's yoga teaching videos, and the brand CoffeeSweat is also very popular. When a product is very popular, it is when the traffic carrying capacity of an online store is put to the test. CoffeeSweat’s old online store built on PrestaShop was so crowded that there were server load spikes causes overloading, blank pages, and transactions were completed but orders were not generated, resulting in various troublesome situations where customers paid twice without knowing it.

Seeing this, the Coffee team turned to Wilkinson Tech Solutions to help migrate the CoffeeSweat online store from PrestaShop to Shopify, including tens of thousands of customer information, orders, and product information. In addition, the online store has also applied a brand-new design to make the products look more eye-catching. With good-looking product photos and actual product videos, the conversion rate can be effectively increased.