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Are You READY?

Are You READY?

Wilkinson Tech Solutions has a senior technology team and marketing strategy experts, who can provide you with one-stop-shop development work and provide professional business advice.

Wilkinson Tech Solutions is committed to assisting start-ups and SMEs to establish a beautiful, safe, reliable, easy-to-use, feature-rich, and affordable Shopify online store to reduce the burden of starting a business. We encourage you to take the first step in starting a business by using the high flexibility of Shopify. After your career is on track, you don't need to worry about the trouble of changing the platform due to problems such as the old system that cannot be upgraded, the number of products, or the number of visitors.

Limited offer: We provide free services of uploading information on behalf of customers, including uploading trademarks, the first 5 products, and the first 3 product categories, so that you can quickly open a store and seize every business opportunity.

​After completing all the work of opening an online store the payment, Wilkinson Tech Solutions will never forcefully bind your online store ownership. You will have full control over all functions of the store (after transferring the store ownership, you will need to pay a monthly fee to Shopify).

I am interested!

Professional follow-up, caring service

Project follow-up process


Customer information collection and requirements

Our professional e-commerce consultants will collect all the information needed to establish an online store with you. Then our e-commerce consultants will provide you with professional advice on how to make an online store based on the information provided by the customer, combined with the e-commerce experience of our other customers.


Start building an online shop

Our senior e-commerce engineer will start to set up your Shopify online store for you. On the way, our e-commerce consultant will update the construction process of the online store for you and discuss with you for a better understanding of the network you want.



After the customer submits all the necessary information, the online store will be completed within one month and the customer will accept it. After customer acceptance is completed, Wilkinson Tech Solutions will collect the balance from the customer and transfer the ownership of the online store together with the source code to the customer.

What can Shopify do for you?

"Choosing a highly flexible platform is the right choice."

You have to sign a contract before you make any money, and then pay a lot of money? No! Please use Shopify. The monthly rent and the plan are more flexible.

Using Shopify is very easy, and the functions meet the needs of most e-commerce. Basically, you only need to fill in the basic information, upload the product, and do a few settings (such as payment method, shipping, store appearance, etc.). You can successfully open a basic online store.

The Shopify platform uses a monthly charge, and the fees are low, mostly only a few hundred Hong Kong dollars. There is no contract period. It's not like finding a company to open an online store in the market. There is no need to invest a large sum of money in the first installment, no need to wait for a long time, and no need to sign any bundled contracts with our company or Shopify.

Any doubts?

"Show us the product you want to sell, and you will know if there is any problem (95% of the cases have no problem)."

Shopify is suitable for most e-commerce companies without special requirements, and mainstream e-commerce functions are available. It has everything from product display to payment collection. ​In addition, the platform provides more than 4,000 different types of small programs (free/paid). Most of them adopt a monthly fee system, and there are fewer one-time fee programs. The monthly fee is low and flexible. In addition, Shopify allows you to modify part of the code, but not all are open sources. So it means that not all customized functions can be handled. The modified file will be recorded. If there is a problem after the modification, the code coverage of the old version can be traced back.

If you use an online shop to build your own, it is usually fully open source code, and there will also be customized projects. Once the maintenance of the online shop needs to be handed over, the old programmers may not be able to convey all the changes. Just like a child writing an essay at school, then a certain sentence or a certain word is overwritten, who knows what the child originally wrote?

Affordable SME Store Plans

Suitable for small sellers with existing inventory or physical store operations to expand their business to the online market at very low cost

Original Price HK$ 11,980-

Special Offer HK$8,980-

  • E-commerce website (with transaction function and source code)
  • Order email notification
  • Front desk: Chinese/English
  • Instant sales panel (available on mobile phones)
  • Unlimited product upload function
  • Unlimited traffic and network storage
  • Discount code function
  • Custom coupon function
  • Automated freight calculation
  • Visa/ MasterCard/ AE payment function
  • Connect to Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics
  • Designer tailor-made-a set of homepage picture design

Shopify is suitable for companies without their own IT team. IT-related troubles, such as HTTPS SSL certificate, CDN, server, website speed, automated transaction emails, etc., are all centrally managed by Shopify. The management fee is included in the monthly fee, and there is no need to spend additional resources for processing. If you set up an online store by yourself, you will need manpower proficient in PHP, CSS, and HTML5 in the foreground, and how to set up the server, which cost a lot.

In addition to the above plans, we also have online store plans that provide different types and functions.

If you are interested, please click the "I am interested!" button below and leave your contact information. We will have someone contact you soon.