Why connect the online store to the logistics system?

Reason 1. Just think about it, if you are a customer and both online stores sell the same goods, but your checkout page process allows customers to select the smart locker for collecting the goods or pick them up, then of course you will chose to buy at a more convenient online store.

Reason 2: After each e-commerce merchant successfully receives an order, it needs to manually fill in the bill of lading before sending the goods. In fact, it is very time-consuming and accidental. Each bill of lading takes at least two minutes from filling out to printing. Two minutes may sound like a short period of time, but if your online store has 30 orders a day, you will have to spend a minimum of one hour on these unproductive tasks to maintain the online store's operations. Then, why don't you leave these processes to the program?

Just like the most famous SF Express, in addition to the door-to-door service, it also provides more than 100 SF stations and more than 500 smart cabinets as pick-up points, making it the first choice for many online shoppers in Asia. Smart counters are specially designed for e-commerce, allowing customers to easily pick up items anytime and anywhere around the clock and ensure that the goods are picked up smoothly. In addition to SF Express, we can also connect you to logistics platforms such as Alfred Smart Locker, DHL, UPS, TA-Q-BIN, Hongkong Post, Kerry Express, Zhongtong Express, etc. Please call, email or WhatsApp for inquiries.

Quick start commitment

Fast delivery in 14 days

After the documents and accounts are ready, the procedure of opening an online shop can be completed within 14 days, and business can be started immediately. Fast, simple and cost-effective.

One-stop flexible service

No need to invest large sums of money, no need to wait for a long time, and no need to sign any bundled contracts with our company or Shopify

Seamless system integration

Seamless connection with SF Station, smart cabinet location selection list and AWB printing, no need to update the list by yourself, no need to fill in the AWB by yourself

Why Wilkinson

Our team is composed of senior IT professionals and young newcomers. Each has different expertise in different fields and hopes to bring new e-commerce experiences to different SMEs. The high rents of physical stores and the rapid development of technology, online store platform selection is complicated, which discourages those who want to start a business or those who switch to online business. This led to the birth of Wilkinson Tech Solutions.

Wilkinson Tech Solutions is committed to providing an easy-to-use business platform for everyone who faces the same troubles, whether it is a low-cost online shop, an online checkered shop or a service reservation platform, we can provide it, hoping to make entrepreneurs , Business transformation should be faster, more convenient, simple, cheaper, and flexible.

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