【Shopify香港】什麼是Facebook Conversion API (CAPI)?為什麼作為店主的你必須知道?  | 香港Shopify網店服務|網店資料遷移

【Shopify Hong Kong】What is Facebook Conversion API (CAPI)? Why every shop owner must know?

As a Shopify store owner or a Facebook ad account manager, people around you must be discussing about the Facebook Conversion API, and you should have received a lot of notifications from Facebook, mostly about the iOS 14 update and Implement the recommendations of the Facebook Conversion API (CAPI).

So, what exactly is the Facebook Conversion API (CAPI) ? Why did Facebook Conversion API (CAPI)  appear? Let us explain it to you today.


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What is the Facebook Conversions API?

Facebook Conversions API, also known as CAPI, is the latest standard for tracking Facebook ad performance. With iOS14 update issues looming in early 2021, CAPI is Facebook's first line of defense to ensure your Facebook ads continue to be highly effective.

Facebook Conversion API (Conversion API) evolved mainly from the server-side API to allow advertisers to send web events from its servers directly to Facebook servers, allowing advertisers to improve their conversion rates for this part of the data .

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The Conversions API is an extremely useful and necessary tool because it converts the most critical customer actions (such as clicks, add to cart, purchases, etc. etc.) directly from your online store to Facebook, one of the most important data sharing for ad performance optimization.

The Conversions API can help improve the performance of your Facebook ad campaigns. With the new privacy settings update in iOS 15, CAPI is one of Facebook's solutions to overcome these major data changes.


Impacts of iOS 14 Privacy Updates for Shopify Online Stores

As a marketer, if you're running ads on Facebook (or other platforms), data collection is one of the most important actions to measure the effectiveness of your ad campaign. If you can't measure the effectiveness of your ad campaigns, it means one thing - you can't effectively increase your conversion rate and further increase the revenue from your ads.

With the latest announcement of the browser blocking third-party cookie tracking and the iOS14 update, Apple is giving users the freedom to opt in or out of app data tracking. Many advertisers expect a large number of users to opt out of data tracking. Without enough data, advertisers, big or small, will struggle to collect enough data to effectively measure the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns.


Who should use the Facebook Conversions API?

All Shopify online store owners are required to conduct an inspection of their online store.

If you haven't integrated the Facebook pixel to your own Shopify store before, please do so now. If you have already used the old method to connect your Facebook Pixel to your Shopify store, please update to this new connection method as it will allow you to get better ad tracking results.


Turn on the above options to use the conversion API, which is very convenient!

As more and more browsers start blocking cookie access (Safari has already done so, and Chrome will have a similar update), it becomes increasingly important to use advanced features such as CAPI to track ad performance .

Key Benefits of CAPI

  • As a merchant, you can measure customer behavior in more ways, allowing you to better understand the customer's entire shopping journey
  • When CAPI used with pixels, CAPI will effectively improve data accuracy for campaign optimization
  • With CAPI, web store owners no longer have to worry about browser glitches/ad blocker data collection issues

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