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[Etsy's latest report] The 2021 Christmas selection trend is out!

Recently, in order to help sellers better choose products and increase sales, Etsy announced the trend of holiday selection. According to research reports, more and more people are beginning to buy items before the holiday. To add a sense of festive ceremony.

Family and Life

Affected by the epidemic, many people are eager to get together with family and friends this year, so family holiday decorations, activities and entertainment products and other party products will be in demand during the holiday shopping season. In addition, housewarming gifts, rustic decorations with natural elements, and personalized decorations are also popular products.


When it comes to clothing, more and more people are focusing on comfort, and they tend to opt for loose, sophisticated and decent clothes. Among them, for the people who work from home, they will pay special attention to the wearing of tops. In addition, with the increase of family gatherings, various styles of party clothing also have a very large market potential, and personalized (with photos, surnames, etc.) fashion items may also become a fashion trend.

Jewelry and Accessories

Surveys show that many people choose to enhance their holiday or everyday look with jewelry and accessories. Of all accessories, ceramic ornaments, amulets, gold, agate jewellery, eye-catching brooches, knitted hats, oversized fashion items (capes, scarves), personalised jewellery, travel accessories (travel wallets, fanny packs) are the most popular .

Paper & Party Supplies

Due to the epidemic, many people began to choose greeting cards to express various emotions and contact relatives and friends. Among them, the British have the strongest demand for greeting cards. In addition, searches for celebration baptisms, first communion related items, personalised decorations, handmade products, customisable party items or kits, dog parties, creative parties, outdoor parties, vintage wedding party supplies also appeared in searches surge.

Craft Supplies & Tools

Etsy expects a wave of spending on DIY events and tools this year upsurge. Among them, hand-printed paper, decorations or tool kits are the most popular. In addition, DIY products such as cross stitch and needle felt, men's handmade suits, baking kitchen utensils, custom stamp logo customization, wax seals and other products are also popular.

Vintage products

The high festive atmosphere has inspired people's nostalgia, and this Christmas, the demand for retro products is expected to increase significantly. Among them, retro-style home decorations, transparent jewelry, candy-colored glass products, men's retro coats, vintage sweaters and other retro products have the most searches. In addition, space-themed souvenirs, antique toys, old antique paintings, and 70s decorations are also very popular.


Different from the complicated and large weddings of the past, today's people prefer to hold small but ceremonial weddings. Among them, small wedding decorations, custom wedding gift boxes, wedding decorations with natural elements (especially green), neon lights, custom text invitations, and single party supplies are particularly popular. In addition, brides who are pursuing individuality have begun to pursue more creative weddings. Among them, 20s-themed weddings and gothic wedding styles are the most popular, and many new year-to-be have also begun to abandon the traditional white wedding dresses and turn to attractive wedding dresses. The eye-catching black wedding dress has seen a surge in demand for black wedding dresses.

The above is the Christmas holiday product selection trend report released by Etsy. I hope that merchants can refer to this report to stock up in the peak season and welcome the holiday season.

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