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Shopify Tutorial Hong Kong — So many monthly plans, how should you choose?

Shopify got so many different monthly plans, how should you choose the plan suits you the most? According to what conditions to choose? Let Wilkinson’s senior e-commerce consultant explain it to you today!

Shopify provides three monthly fee plans to meet the business needs of different online store scales, which are divided into Basic Shopify, Shopify and Advanced Shopify. The basic functions are actually the same. The main differences are the number of employee accounts, transaction fees, and some real-time third-party freight calculation functions.

When choosing a plan, you can first consider the estimated monthly turnover and the functions you need. The Basic Shopify plan is suitable for online shops with small turnover and just starting out. The standard (Shopify) plan is the most popular. For online stores that already have a certain customer base, the cost performance is very high, and it is suitable for growing online stores. The Advanced Shopify (Advanced Shopify) provides international sales services, with greater freedom of individual pricing for different countries, and is suitable for online stores with international markets.

Basic Shopify Shopify Advanced Shopify
Monthly fee US$29 US$79 US$299
Employee account 2 5 15
Hong Kong online transaction credit card fees 3.3% +HK$2.35 3.2% +HK$2.35 3.1% + HK$2.35
Transaction fees for payments received outside Shopify Payments 2% fee per transaction 1% fee per transaction 0.5% fee per transaction
  • Suitable for monthly turnover less than $2,500 USD
  • All the functions required by the online store are complete
  • There are restrictions on reporting and international sales
  • Suitable for monthly turnover of US$2,500 to US$30,000
  • Professional report
  • Support exchange rate conversion
  • Suitable for monthly turnover of more than $30,000 USD
  • Advanced report creation tool

In addition to the above three plans, Shopify also launched the Shopify Plus plan for advanced users, but the monthly fee starts from USD 2,000. Most businesses don’t need it or can’t afford it, so we won’t explain much here. 

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