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Shopify has become the best platform for opening an online store~

Shopify is a platform that businesses use to open an online e-commerce store. Unlike WordPress and Blogger, Shopify specializes in building, hosting, operating, and managing websites related to the e-commerce industry. It is the most popular multi-channel content management system in the world and is mainly used by small and medium businesses worldwide.  

Shopify has over 1 million customers in over 175 countries. Many leading companies in the industry, including FitBit, RedBull, use Shopify for their e-commerce needs. Shopify will automatically update as new features are added, and you only need to pay Shopify fees and no maintenance fees, making it easy for store owners to enjoy the benefits of Shopify.


Shopify Features

To grow your online business, Shopify has a number of analytics tools to help store owners make informed business decisions to boost sales while increasing the efficiency of their website.

Here are some noteworthy Shopify features:

 1) Shopping POS

Shopify offers a feature called "point of sale" that enables companies to sell their products in brick-and-mortar stores. For example, companies can open pop-up stores, sell products offline, and use card readers to accept payments from buyers. Payments are linked directly to the company's Shopify inventory, which also keeps a record of every sales transaction.

 The Shopify POS app provides a unified interface that eliminates the need to maintain separate sales records for in-store and online purchases. The interface is compatible with Apple devices (iPhone and iPad) and allows users to customize orders, view customer purchase history and add discount offers.

Shopify POS can be used to plan and set up personalized marketing campaigns for in-store customers. Shopify offers this app in two options: Shopify POS Lite and Shopify POS Pro. The Pro version has better features like in-store analytics, omnichannel selling, and more.


2) Must-know SEO tools

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the key to the growth of any online business, as it helps improve a website's ranking on search engines. Effective SEO practices help businesses improve their online presence by reaching a wider audience to accelerate sales. Shopify has a variety of SEO tools that users can leverage to achieve their desired goals.

 Shopify also has access to several third-party applications to help store owners effectively optimize their websites. For example, Smart SEO is an app available on the Shopify App Store that offers many features such as automatic metadata entry, structured data for various search engines (including Google), multilingual support, and more. Another app called Booster Image and SEO Optimizer can be used to increase traffic to Google image searches. The app automatically optimizes meta tags, alt text, sitemaps, JSON-LD, and more.


3) Shopping Direct Sales

Dropshipping is a business model in which an e-commerce company buys products from third parties and delivers them directly to customers. This model eliminates the need to maintain an active warehouse to store listed products. Companies need to pay wholesale prices to suppliers while controlling the prices customers see on their website.


4) Data Analysis

Shopify offers a variety of analytics tools that allow users to evaluate the performance of their online store. Shopify Analytics unpacks impactful insights related to customer activity, marketing, sales, and more to help businesses optimize operations and make smarter strategic decisions to increase sales.

 Shopify's powerful interface displays key metrics such as product analytics, real-time views, visitor demographics, total purchases, and more. It can be easily integrated with Google Analytics to enhance the functionality of Shopify Analytics. The tool can also provide various reports including marketing, inventory, purchasing, orders, sales, profit reports.


5) Abandoned cart reminder

According to the report, 78% of customers tend to abandon their shopping carts before making a purchase. And email for abandoned carts is one of the features Shopify provides that allows users to identify customers who have added products to their carts and send emails to remind them of those products. Businesses can also automate the entire process by upgrading to Shopify's premium subscription, which helps them save a lot of production time and increase revenue generation.

Shopify is the world's most popular e-commerce enterprise content management system, and it offers users many advantages over its platform. Mentioned below are some of the obvious benefits of Shopify:


6) Better security

An online store built and managed by Shopify is very reliable because the company provides SSL certification for every website and is PCI Level 1 compliant. These security parameters ensure the integrity of sensitive customer information including credit card details, phone numbers, email IDs, home addresses, etc. Added security features increase brand value and customer loyalty. This is one of Shopify's key advantages, as businesses can operate in a secure digital environment.


7) Personalization Options

Shopify is a very versatile platform because it offers many built-in tools and options that allow companies to personalize their website for their specific needs. Users can customize the website theme and provide customers with a better experience by providing them with personalized coupons, sales notifications, shipping options, payment methods, and more.


8) Fast loading speed

Shopify offers super fast loading speeds, enabling websites designed on Shopify to load in seconds.


9) Friendly smartphone interface

Online consumers prefer to use their smartphones to browse the Internet and shop online. Therefore, an e-commerce company must have a mobile-compatible website. Shopify enables users to design, host, and manage impeccable smartphone-optimized websites.


10) Fast customer service

One of the most notable benefits of Shopify is that it operates a free 24/7 customer service center that provides customers with unparalleled instructions. The company provides customers with community forums, chat and voice support services to quickly resolve their issues. Shopify also has a huge database of FAQs that users can review to solve their queries on their own.

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