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Online Store Customer Service Words 101 - Tips to convert purchase desires into orders

Entrepreneurship is difficult-it is more hard to start a small brand than a big one. Therefore, as a customer service, you have to understand the product better than the buyer. You must learn to understand the characteristics of the products you sell and how to deal with customers. Language is the bridge between customers and you. Asking customer service about a certain product means that buyers have a desire to buy. 

Good communication can definitely turn customers' purchase ideas into actual orders! So in addition to understanding the product expertise, you also need to have good communication skills.

  1. Greetings—You can pre-write friendly and cordial greetings to make a positive first impression. You can also add personalization elements to your greetings, such as addressing guests by their names to add a sense of intimacy.

  2. You can compliment the customer’s vision-when a customer asks about the price, inventory or information of a particular product, you can compliment the customer’s unique vision. These dialogues can be pre-written. In addition, you can also put in some promotional skills, such as if the inventory is low, tell the customer how many pieces of this product are left, and ask him to place an order as soon as possible.

  3. Write the answers to common questions in advance, such as standard answers to payment methods, delivery time, and approximate delivery time after shipment. If you do this, you can Reply to the customer's question as soon as possible, and will not make the customer who wants to purchase wait too long.

  4. When communicating with buyers, try to avoid using words such as “affirmative, guaranteed, absolute” to reduce the chance of buyers feeling disappointed. Because many things are actually not guaranteed by merchants—for example, when products are on the way, merchants cannot guarantee that the courier company will not postpone or lose parts. In addition, the product may have been damaged by the courier when it reaches the customer. In order not to disappoint buyers, it is recommended to use: Under normal circumstances, try hard, strive, and so on, the effect may be better.