About Shopify Online Store Development Service/ Data migration / Customization services

How to open an online store on Shopify?

If there are no special requirements, you can open your own online store.

If you have specific functional requirements, or need to connect to systems such as POS/ERP/WMS, you need the support of a team of professional technical engineers.

Wilkinson E-Store Solutions' technical engineer team is experienced in connecting to Shopify API, please contact us for a quote.

Why Wilkinson?

Wilkinson Tech Solutions has an experienced Shopify online store construction team, who can provide you with high-quality online store construction work and professional business advice. Wilkinson Tech Solutions is committed to helping every merchant build a beautiful, secure, reliable, easy-to-use, feature-rich, and cost-effective Shopify online store or corporate website, reducing the burden of operating costs.

Some businesses will set up their own online stores, and only ask us to deal with them when they find problems. However, because we have never been involved in the process of building an online store, we have no idea where the problem lies, and we need to confirm that it will not affect the existing data when dealing with the problem, so we need to invest more time to solve the problem, which sometimes leads to the final project cost than starting from scratch. It's even more expensive to build an online store that does the same thing.

What's the cost of your service?

Depends on the complexity of your Shopify online store project.

Standard online store construction fee: starting from HK$15,000

Data migration fee: starting from HK$10,000

Please understand: there is a cost to providing good quality work and services. For the sake of the company's brand, our company also has extremely high requirements for the quality of work and services provided by colleagues. In addition, all items of our contract are clearly listed, and there are no hidden charges. Therefore, we are sorry that our company cannot provide ultra-low price services.

If you need to connect to the existing ERP/POS system, or have custom requirements for special functions/designs, please contact us for a quotation.

It would be cheaper if it was just a stand-alone feature that our colleagues had assessed and the site didn't have any functional quirks.

What after-sales service is included?

We can provide Shopify online shop operation training videos (which can be replayed unlimited times), one-to-one teaching and regular maintenance services for the online shop. Welcome to inquire for details.

About online store/brand promotion

What kind of services do you provide?

Team Wilkinson provides a variety of advertising solutions, such as: paid online advertising promotion, website SEO optimization work, celebrity / KOL promotion services, offline physical advertising, etc., to help you show your Shopify online store to the public, let the public Make a good impression and inspire subsequent online store conversions.

In addition, we also provide product photo/video shooting and post-production services.

How much advertising fee do I need to spend?

Different platforms have different fee levels, different industries have different levels of competition, and different regions have different advertising costs.

If you want to know more, please tell us your budget, product and target market, we will help you with free analysis, free of charge.

Do you provide services such as China advertising / Xiaohongshu promotion / WeChat account activation in mainland China?

Because China's regulations on advertising are complex and strictly enforced, and the product itself requires relevant approvals to be promoted, we now only provide Xiaohongshu/Weibo KOL promotion services, and temporarily do not provide Weibo advertisements/ FenSiTong service.

As for the opening of the WeChat public account, we have also received quite a few inquiries. Although WeChat (WeChat) has many requirements for documents, in fact, as long as you can submit relevant documents to WeChat as required, you can open a public account by yourself, and you do not need to ask our company for assistance and waste your money.