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Shopify features and benefits at a glance

Shopify is an e-commerce website platform established in 2006. It has been deeply involved in the field of e-commerce solutions for many years. It is a leading manufacturer that assists small and medium retailers to quickly set up their own online stores. As of 2018, more than 800,000 small and medium-sized enterprises around the world have used their one-stop e-commerce platform services. The annual turnover of sales through the Shopify website is as high as 100 billion U.S. dollars, and there are many customers such as Tesla and Forbes. Manufacturers.


Shopify’s features and advantages
(The page where guests browse and place an order)
The design is diversified and easy to use, even customers who are not familiar with online shopping can easily place an order
(the page where the merchant manages orders and products)
Intuitive operation interface, very simple and convenient, easy to use
No special staff training is required
Mobile availability 100% support, there is also a mobile app in the merchant backend for merchants to manage the online store anytime, anywhere, without additional payment
Order notification When merchants receive new orders, they will receive App push notifications and email notifications
Member System Built in
Member discount code Percentage discount/fixed amount discount can be set, and available time
Server hardware cost Included in the monthly fee, no additional maintenance is required
Traffic Unlimited. This means that even if 1,000 people suddenly enter the store at the same time, or a lot of customers enter the store that month, you will not receive a shocking bill, and you do not need to pay for the extra data.
Browsing/website loading speed Quickly. An international CDN (Content Delivery Network) means that no matter where you are in the world, it can help you quickly load web pages for your guests, effectively reducing the number of customers lost due to website speed issues
Site security Extremely high, meeting PCI Compliance Level 1 standards
PCI-DSS security certification was launched by five international credit card organizations including VISA and American Express. Currently the world’s highest level of security certification standards for financial institutions
Number of uploadable products Unlimited
The number of product categories that can be uploaded Unlimited
Hacker protection and security updates Hacker protection and security updates
How to collect money Globalization, integration of more than 70 payment gateways
Preset: Provide credit card collection methods, bank transfers
Multi-currency support Can support switching between different currencies
Multilingual support Can support switching between different languages
Blogger Yes
Custom design page Support
Monthly fee plan There are different monthly fee plans, monthly fees, plus or minus
there will be no problem of not being able to downgrade after upgrading the plan, and there is no contract bundling problem
Customer Re-targeting (Re-targeting) Can be connected to Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel, and re-advertise for customers who have already viewed or added products to the shopping cart to maximize the cost-effectiveness of advertising

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