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Not enough funds but full of marketing ideas? Did you know that you can also start with "zero inventory" when opening a store?

"How can you do business without a product?" I believe you must be full of question marks after reading the article title. Please rest assured, we are definitely not the title party. You can indeed start a business without investing any money to buy inventory or rent any warehouse.

Drop Shipping is a kind of supply chain management technology. The online store does not need to buy or manage product inventory. It only needs to forward the customer’s order and shipping information to the wholesaler when receiving the customer’s order, and the wholesaler will directly ship to your customer. After the shipment is completed, the wholesaler will notify you to make the payment. Through this model, you can make a profit from the difference between wholesale and retail prices, but you don't have to take the risk of entering the wrong goods and locking up your cash flow by inventory.

Shipping directly does not mean that you only receive money without any work. What you need to do is to attract customers to place orders and transfer the workload of inventory and logistics management to wholesalers. In addition, you also need to choose high-quality products and make a good website image so that customers have greater confidence in placing orders.

If you plan to use paid advertising, you must be mentally prepared—it’s not that you will place an order when you advertise. You may need to use a lot of products for market reaction testing. Please don't give up immediately without making any money after testing a few times. You can plan a budget of about a few thousand Hong Kong dollars (compared to opening a physical store, which is really a fraction of the cost), and spend money to conduct many tests before you have a chance to find your rich products.

Wilkinson Tech Solutions provides a high-quality direct shipping platform. Once the information is complete, you will be able to launch your exclusive direct shipping store within one month.