Warehouse Storage, Delivery, Return Handling Services
Comprehensive Solution

Solve all headaches from online store fulfillments

Business is getting on track and new employees need to be hired to handle shipments. Warehouse cost becomes more and more expensive as number of products increased, and it takes time to deal with customer returns on their own. Why not consider outsourcing logistics services and let a professional warehouse and logistics company handle all logistics-related problems for you? Our professional warehousing and logistics service partners can not only help you handle inventory, but also prepare, pack and deliver your Shopify orders, saving you time and money.

  • Stock Collection + Warehousing service
  • API to connect to Shopify store
  • Handle returns on behalf of merchants
  • Custom Packaging
  • Shipping service
  • Out of Stock Notification

Let technology solve your logistics troubles


Orders are automatically synchronized to the logistics system, no need to manually place orders

Our partner will handle all the warehouse procedures for you

Inventory and management system synchronization, real-time control of shipment information

After receiving the order, the team can pack the package as per your requirements

The package will be delivered to your customers by the logistics team on your behalf

Provide a physical location to collect and process customer returns


Please provide us with your business category, estimated monthly order quantity and the number of single items in the shipment. Our logistics partners will provide you with price estimates.