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Who says Shopify is only suitable for foreign store? It's definitely Good for HK market!

Many people in the market believe that Shopify's interface and related packages are only connected to foreign systems, so they will encounter different problems when using them in Hong Kong, so they give up choosing Shopify. This idea is very wrong.

First of all, in terms of language, Shopify has successfully launched Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese versions, regardless of the system operation behind it, or the display of the web page layout, traditional Chinese can be used to meet the needs of Hong Kong people. Shopify can also add apps to display bilingually. For example, Chinese and English can be exchanged with just one click, which is convenient for people of different nationalities to watch and purchase. Not only can you attract the local market, but it can also make your online store more international.

In terms of payment gateway, some people even think that Shopify will connect to overseas payment systems, and only credit cards can be used, which is not the case. Shopify can connect to different third-party payment methods to support the operation of web pages, such as WeChatPay (WeChat Pay), Unionpay (UnionPay), FPS (Fast Payment), Alipay (Alipay) and so on. As long as it is connected to the appropriate cash flow system, localized payment methods can be used, which is very simple and does not require manual counting, and is flexible.

In terms of logistics, Shopify can also connect some local logistics and delivery locations for your online store. Shopify can not only use some overseas logistics institutions (DHL, UPS, etc.), but also connect to some local logistics companies. For example, you can add an additional application, add SF Smart Cabinet to your online store for customers to click, and contact some local logistics teams to make arrangements. Shopify has more small features that allow you to choose the cheapest and fastest logistics method among different logistics companies to reduce the waiting time for customers.