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Is it better to be a full-time online store? Or part-time?

In fact, opening an online store has a big advantage over opening a physical store—you can choose to do online store business full-time or part-time. There is no other way in a physical store. Someone must look after the store and it will be more difficult. It is difficult to do it part-time.

Seeing this, everyone will definitely think of a question: "Should I quit my job to open an online shop?"

If you want to know the answer to this question, you can ask yourself these questions.

  1. How much time do you want to invest in running an online store? There is no fixed answer to this question. You can take care of the online store only after get off work and on holidays, or you can treat the online store as your full-time job.

  2. If you want to choose a part-time business, can your time management skills cope with such changes? It is definitely not easy to run a part-time online store, so it is actually difficult for some people to strike a balance between regular work and online store work. Some part-time online shop owners may end up running an online shop because of lack of experience or lack of time management skills. If it’s just because of time management factors, we recommend this kind of shop owners to try our "online checkered shop", which can effectively reduce the workload of managing inventory and handling logistics.

  3. If you want to choose a full-time business, will your savings be enough to cover the initial living expenses of almost zero income? Entrepreneurship is a stage, and few people can make money on the first day. During the turnaround, you will need sufficient living expenses to meet your daily needs.

  4. If you want to choose a full-time operation, can you find a full-time job opportunity easily in the future? If your current full-time job is well paid and it is difficult to find a better job, then you may have to think about it carefully before handing out your resignation letter. But if it is easier for you to get back to the same position in your current full-time job, then quitting your job and starting a business is not a big problem, and you will find the same job after the big deal.


Now, have you decided to be the owner of a full-time online store or run it part-time?