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What should I choose between Amazon and Shopify?

Shopify and Amazon (Amazon) are both the largest e-commerce giants in the world. They are both big brands in e-commerce and provide huge Profitable opportunities. There are definitely a lot of people who can make millions, tens of millions, or even hundreds of millions on these two platforms.


Since you want to be an e-commerce business, businesses still need to consider many factors. In this article, we will conduct an in-depth study of all aspects, such as their ease of use, price, function, traffic, etc., and we hope to help entrepreneurs to small and medium-sized enterprises make the best decision, using the least Manpower, material resources and funds have achieved the most lucrative results.


Shopify: This is a powerful e-commerce website building tool. Can help companies quickly establish their own online shopping malls. Because you can fully control the page design, and the domain name belongs to your shop, you can quickly establish a unique brand image. But the flow depends on you to fight for.


Amazon: Millions of people visit the Amazon website every month. Although this can make your product highly visible, there are millions of products sold on Amazon , First, you will face a large number of competitors (sometimes you will directly compete with Amazon official), second, once you sell, your beautiful sales will be easily noticed by others, and then competitors will start to sell to you For the same product, it is easy to enter the price war in the end. In addition, without a stylized design page and domain name, it is difficult to build a unique brand image by selling on Amazon.


How to register?

Shopify: Basically, there are no requirements, and no documents are required for approval.

Amazon: It is difficult to open individual seller accounts, and it takes a long time to open a company account.


Monthly fee and transaction commission

Shopify: Monthly fee starts from US$ 29 per month. Each transaction will incur a handling fee. If you use credit card payment method to collect payment, the handling fee per order is about 3.3% +HK$2.35.

Amazon: Individual sellers will be charged a transaction fee (US $0.99) for each order, while company accounts need to pay a fixed monthly fee (USD 39.99).



Loyal customers

Shopify: You can add member points, exclusive coupon codes, birthday emails and other functions to keep customers

Amazon: no support


Business development

Shopify: No matter how big the business is, do the same.

Amazon: Amazon’s official regulations say that annual sales of 20,000 US dollars and 200 transactions are subject to tax. In fact, many sellers receive emails from Amazon when they have sold 50 or so, asking them to provide a tax number within one month, otherwise the account will be closed. Therefore, Asians who are currently working on Amazon in the US basically resolve the tax file number problem by registering a US company.