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Five common mistakes in the early stages of opening an online store

When many people start to open an online store, they will choose a platform at random, planning to start first, and then choose slowly. There are also many people who plan to do free marketing, and there are also many people who follow the trend and sell what is popular now... These common novice ideas for entrepreneurs are all wrong? Today, let us spend five minutes to disassemble the errors one by one.


Mistake 1: Choose the wrong online shopping platform

Some entrepreneurs wished to have a more refined and personalized website design and chose Wix and Woo Commerce, but they ignored their technological background and did not know how to write programs. Finally, they needed to attach a large sum of money to the company for processing and maintenance. Some entrepreneurs want to be more localized, so they choose Shopline, but they ignore that Shopline uses an annual fee plan. If it is not satisfactory, they will be tied up and must pay a one-year annual fee.

Shopify's online store platform has great freedom, can be equipped with different add-on applications, and the layout is easy to use, you can design a webpage that suits your wishes with very simple operations. In terms of fees, Shopify charges in the form of monthly settlement, which makes your funds more liquid. The cheapest one month is USD29 for transactions, which is the best choice for novices.

Mistake 2: The selection is too popular and lacks uniqueness

Some entrepreneurs only follow the trend. When they sell clothes, they sell clothes themselves; when they sell masks, they sell masks themselves. As a result, they are in a state of running with them, and of course the business is not good. There is nothing wrong with knowing to be close to the trend, but uniqueness is a must. You must also know how to choose clothes that are distinctive and less competitive in the market.

How to select products that are of interest to the public? Shopify has added apps that can find popular products for you, and can also display market data of the products, and add products directly to your store, allowing you to start selling immediately and seizing every business opportunity. See the dropship shop plan for details.




Mistake 3: No advertisement

Some entrepreneurs think that their products are special enough, and some of their friends can share your posts on IG and Facebook for you, thinking that this is enough, but such a mentality is quite wrong. Even if you have one or two KOL friends sharing your webpage for you, the contact level of the webpage is only a few thousand more people. Compared with your competitors, if they have an advertisement, the number of contacts on the web page will be several times that of you, and the people you contact are even more specific and interested groups, which has already left you a lot.

Therefore, advertising is necessary. With advertisements, customers will know that your online store exists and will have the opportunity to shop in your online store. The only winning way is to manage the online store and follow-up marketing.


Mistake 4: No patience for advertising

If you have started advertising, congratulations, you have taken the first step to success. However, some merchants gave up halfway because they were impatient and gave up after seeing no results in the first week or two. This is also a factor in the failure of online stores.

For example, Facebook Ad or SEO, etc., you need to learn about specific audiences through the learning period, and then you can find the greatest potential audience for advertising. Therefore, we should focus on the long-term goals and effectiveness of advertising. Of course, the copywriting and Material is also the focus of attracting customers.

Shopify provides a seamless connection between Facebook and Google's advertising system. If you need to advertise, the connection function provided by Shopify can greatly help you reduce the time and cost of connection.




Mistake 5: No contact method

If a customer sees a favorite product on your webpage and wants to know the details of the product, but the webpage does not have any contact method, the guest cannot make a good inquiry, which will greatly reduce the customer's desire to buy. Shopify can help you easily connect to the built-in semi-automatic customer service software, and can also connect you to WhatsApp or Facebook inbox.

This will provide more channels for customers to contact the shop owner, and the shop owner can take the opportunity to obtain the customer’s contact information for re-promotion, killing two birds with one stone. Therefore, the online communication platform is also an important element in the promotion of online stores and goods, don't ignore it!