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Reasons not to use HKTV Mall as the starting point for entrepreneurship

Many customers have asked us: Instead of starting an online store by myself, why don't I put my products on HKTV Mall for sale? As the largest 24-hour online shopping platform in Hong Kong, it is assumed that the website has a lot of traffic. However, as a novice online shopping, we do not recommend using third-party online shopping platforms as a starting point for online entrepreneurship.

  1. High starting amount, high commission

    To open a shop on this type of shopping platform, you need to pay a fixed amount of shop opening fee, and each product sold also needs to pay a commission (usually ranging from 1X% to more than 30%, depending on the category). This approach is affordable for businesses that have developed to a certain level, but it is a great burden for businesses that are just starting out.

  2. Many terms and penalties

    Such companies have as many terms as stars, and you may not be able to remember everything that will be fined. For example, you need to deliver the goods to their warehouse according to the time specified by the system. Once the delivery is missed or there is any time error, the fine per minute is more expensive than the product you sell. In addition, they also have strict requirements on packaging and update them from time to time. However, what has been updated, you have to look for it yourself in the plethora of documents. Missed? Sorry, please pay the fine.

  3. Unable to get any useful data

    In fact, why can online advertising be accurate? It depends on the big data generated by customers browsing your shop. Who came to see your shop? How long did he watch? On what page did he leave? Does he have a buy button? Which advertisement did he buy after watching? You can only get these data when doing your own online store.

  4. Low flexibility in discount settings

    This type of store offers only a fixed set of discounts, such as discounts, more discounts, and so on. If you want to do more advanced promotional activities, for example, if you buy any category A products, you will get a 20% discount on category B products. This is impossible. You can only do these discounts in your own online store.