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Three tips for your your online store!

The market is filled with a large number of different types of online stores. How to make your online store stand out? We have to refer to the following three points!

1. Make good use of logistics, speed to win

Internet technology is changing with each passing day, and there are more and more delivery methods. If customers have to wait for many days after shopping in your store, it will greatly reduce their desire to shop. Therefore, the most important thing about delivery is speed and accuracy. Shopify has an external small function that allows you to choose the shortest and cheapest logistics method. After receiving the order, you can choose a delivery method that suits you and can be transported to place the goods in the hands of the customers, which increases the customer's ability to track you. In addition, Shopify needs more order tracking (parcel tracking) functions, which not only saves you cost and handles logistics Cost can also increase your turnover.

2. use holidays to increase turnover

Research on how many stores shows that when the holidays come, turnover can increase to 8-11%. So how to use holidays to attract customers to spend? Of course it is to use discounts! How do you let customers know your discount? You can use the EDM function. When guests enter your webpage, you can invite them to become members, and send MLM emails to remind them to shop at regular intervals. Customers can also be classified into different groups, such as customers who abandon purchases (abandoned shopping carts), VIP, or re-marketing (remarketing) groups to send designated emails. Don't underestimate the function of e-mail MLM. Customers will see that your promotion information has greatly increased their shopping desire in minutes.

3. use communication channels to establish relationships with guests

If the shopping experience is only one-sided, so many shops can also provide it. Why do physical stores need to hire a salesperson? Because it can increase the interaction with customers, thereby increasing sales. Shopify can connect semi-automatic chat robots, or connect your web pages to social media contact tools, which can improve customers’ awareness and understanding of your online store. Semi-automatic chat robots (chatbot) can communicate with guests around the clock, answering their queries one by one, and connecting to social media can increase your understanding of guests and engage in marketing activities. You can also provide discounts and rewards to add points to your online store.